Abandon Grave

I wrote this for a friend on Periscope. This photo is a screen 
shot from one of the many cemeteries he visits in Alabama. 
Abandon Grave

Beneath over grown trees,
broken branches and weeds.
In its deepest forgotten,
no ones left to grieve.

A message in stone.
The names hard to read.
Over time long forgotten,
has erased what is seen.

Abandon by many.
Forgotten by all.
Except by just one soul,
whose heart has a call.

Flowers on a headstone.
A cross when ones gone.
A flag for a soldier
with respect always shown.

A heart on a mission.
Not enough time ahead.
He is always remembering
the lost and the dead.

A soul twice now buried,
Over years of debris.
No trace of remembrance
except by one man’s life deed.

From a friend I say thank you.
You’re a man set apart.
If the forgotten could tell you,
You’re a man with Gods heart.

To Michael by Cathy Bee 2016

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