Blowing Rainbows

Blowing Rainbows
I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Genesis 9:12-14

Today before I went for my walk on the beach I though of doing something childlike. I went to the store and bought some bubbles. I giggled as I checked out and was hoping someone would ask what I was planning to do with my day. But no one even noticed me buying the bubbles. All they were interested in was the money I spent, not what was bought.

By the time I got to the beach, it was crowded with people. I guess I wasn't the only one there to enjoy the beauty and smell of the ocean. I saw a pier of rocks that was just on shores edge and started walking towards them. It was a beautiful day to be on the beach even though it was crowded. I reached the rocks and found a good place to sit. Its hard to describe what the sounds and smell of the ocean does to me. I can escape the thoughts and things of the world and for just a little while, connect with God like no other place.

As I sat there enjoying all that surrounded me, I pulled out my bubbles. I giggled as the tiny bubbles flew over my head up towards heaven. I never noticed before that day the colors from the suns reflection made tiny never-ending rainbows. It looked as if I was blowing rainbows instead of bubbles. I'm not sure how long I sat there but I had such an enjoyable time blowing bubble rainbows. Its funny the pleasure I got from such a simple thing. It seems the older I get the simple things in life are some of the happiest times for me.

As my day at the beach was coming to an end, I noticed a family walking with two small children. I decided to share my bubbles with them and walked up to the parents to ask if I could give my bubbles to the children. They accepted graciously, thanked me, and continued on their walk. I hoped they would get as much enjoyment as I did and discovered all the tiny rainbows in the bubbles.

It was just a fun day for me today on the I thought. I didn’t think the Lord would give me any insight from it, but the next morning the Lord woke me and showed me his wisdom in the things I experience, even in a childlike day at the beach.

Did you know when you see a rainbow from the ground your only seeing half of it? If you could see the entire rainbow, you would see that it never ends. The raindrop acts as a prism, and the sun is reflected through a tiny raindrop and cast down the beautiful colors on the earth. Because we are looking at the rainbow on level ground, we can only see part of it. The only way you could see the never-ending rainbow would be to go very high. Perhaps on a mountaintop or in an airplane.

Like the sun reflecting through the raindrops that gives us a rainbow, so the SON should shine through us. His promises and love are never-ending if we just go high enough to Him. Just like the many bubbles I blew that day on the beach, are the promises of God.

Having a childlike day also reminded me that we should have the faith of a child. Most of the time life doesn’t seem simple, but I think it’s because we make life harder then it really is or what God really meant it to be for us. We simply have to trust Him in all things.

I will never again see just tiny bubbles, but rainbows of promises that never end. We should share our rainbows with others so they too can have the never-ending love and promises of God. I will try to keep my faith as a child does and live life as He gave it to me…simple.
"Thank you Lord for Your love and promises that are never-ending and new every morning. Thank you for a child like faith. And Lord thank you for rainbows." Amen 
by Grannybee 2001