Cry For Me

Cry For Me
Cry for me for my tears I hide
When he smiles at me how I hurt inside
As he plays the song that made our hearts as one
As he smiles and says… hear the magic hon?
Dance for me for my legs grow weak
As he stumbles so just to kiss my cheek
As the song plays on the magic fills the air
I close my eyes and remember the love we shared
Sleep for me for my dreams come not
Just an empty space where our love was sought
Replaced with tears hiding in the night
Our life’s unknown in a distance sight.
by Grannybee 2010
I wrote this after my husband started having strokes and 
slowly the man I knew, was changing before my eyes. To 
help me cope with missing my everything, I started writing 
about how I was feeling. It became healing to my heart. 
Dedicated to BG
In Memory of my sweet Charlie Brown 9/26/52 - 6/2/17
I miss you and I will love you forever