The Touch

The Touch of a Memory Past
I looked at your unshaven face today.
Your hair which needed cut.
The man I love so dear is lost
in a place I know not where.
A gentle touch to trim his brow.
A little smile to say I care.
Just a little more time
to finish the task
A glimpse of the man I love.
I hold your face between my hands.
The touch of a memory past.
Without a word I kiss your lips.
The man that once was here.
by Grannybee 2010
I wrote this after my husband started having strokes and 
slowly the man I knew, was changing before my eyes. To 
help me cope with missing my everything, I started writing 
about how I was feeling. It became healing to my heart. 
Dedicated to BG
In Memory of my sweet Charlie Brown 9/26/52 - 6/2/17
I miss you and I will love you forever