In The Masters Care

In The Masters Care
Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in my hands" Jeremiah 18:6

Just one of the many nights when I found myself not able to sleep, I wandered into the living room and decided to watch a little television. As the morning drew near, I found myself going in and out of sleep. At one of those sleepless moments, I was startled with a loud noise. I roused just enough to realize the noise was a string on my guitar had broken. I thought to myself “I would just put on a new set of strings tomorrow.” They were due to be replaced anyway and I drifted off to sleep again.
When I got up later that morning, with a quick glance I noticed with sleepy eyes that it looked as if more than one string had broken, which made me think I had really put off re-placing new strings way to long and I would do it as soon as I could get to the store and buy some. Over the years and hours of playing my guitar, it was in need of repair. I had to re-place the strings way too often because the bridge was coming loose and needed to be re-glued.
The day went on as days go, and the forgotten strings became part of the day. It was late evening when I happened to wander over to where my guitar sat in a corner out of the way. As I looked closer I was very saddened to see that it wasn’t just stings that had broken but the bridge had finally finished breaking off.
I had always wanted to play the guitar since I was a child. Over the years I had tried many times without success. I had bought many used guitars in yard sales and pawn shops, thinking “this time I would do it.” and once again I would fail to do so.
It was later in my life that the desire came back, but this time it was different. My sister told me her and her daughter was taking lessons from a mutual friend, so I asked if I could join them. I went out and bought a new guitar because I didn’t have the time to try and find a second hand guitar because they had begun the lessons and I was a week behind already.  I had failed so many times before; I wanted this time to succeed. Like before the desire was there but this time I did it. I found myself loving to play and spent many hours practicing. I was catching on quickly this time and picked it up rather fast. In no time my guitar became a friend to me and I would spend hours playing and singing. I was going through a very rough time in my life and my guitar became a helping and healing friend. I would play praise and worship songs and would sing to the Lord every day. When I would read my daily devotions, I would see songs in His Words and soon I was writing praise and worship songs all inspired by Him.
The time for me to play the guitar was now in my life because I was doing it for Him. It became a ministry for me playing and singing worship songs in my church. Many times I would take my guitar when visiting people in hospitals and nursing homes. At last my desire to play was being fulfilled. 
 As I picked up my guitar I started to cry seeing it like this. I had been neglecting it lately and putting off the much needed repair. My life was good at this time. I had met and married a wonderful man of God, and we spent most of our time together talking and enjoying being with each other. Slowly I found myself pulling away from the one thing I loved doing...spending time with my guitar. I still played now and then but nothing like I had.
Now here I was...holding this broken friend in my hand. My heart was saddened. My husband comforted me and said we could get it repaired. My son had given me a business card of a Guitar Smith when I first noticed it was in need of repair, so I tucked it away in my wallet and it was forgotten about until now.
We took it over and the Smith said it would only take a week to repair it. It was very hard for me to leave it with him. I was putting my guitar in the hands of a master Guitar Smith. I had forgotten just how much a part of my healing and my life was in that instrument.  
It wasn’t long before the Smith called to say it was done. I was happy to be picking up my very much missed friend. When my husband placed it in my hands and I played it to see if all was ok, my ears and heart was hearing a sweet wonderful melody that had been heard when I first bought it. It was like a new guitar.
At that moment I knew I had accepted less from my guitar because of my lack of putting off the much needed repairs and not taking care of it properly, I settled for what I heard as being acceptable. I didn’t even realize it until I played it in its new complete fine-tuned restoration that I was not playing it as it was meant to be. By putting it in a master’s care, it was fully restored to its purpose, and once again it was in harmony and making beautiful melodies as it was meant to be.
How often do we do the same thing in our lives? We are an instrument of the Lord to be used to our fullest potential for His purpose, and to do so complete and whole. Just like the day we first became new in Christ.
Sometimes we put ourselves in a forgotten corner and live with less than what we were meant to be. We are settled in what we are doing not knowing there’s more.  We go on day after day and forget all we can be for Him until we are broken and in need of repair.
The Lord wants more for us. He wants us to be renewed each and every morning, and that means getting re-strung and repaired sometimes which is needed to keep us like new. He gives us new mercies every day. All we have to do is put ourselves in the Masters Care and He will do what is needed to keep us in complete restoration and fine-tuned, so we can be in harmony with Him. Then we can’t help but have beautiful melodies in our lives.
by Grannybee 2005