Love Letters

Love Letters
Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean;
wash me, and I will be whiter than snow. 

PS 51:6-8

I had a good friend I loved to visit in California. She lived only 10 miles from the ocean which happens to be one of my favorite places to go when needing to get away. One morning I woke rather early so I decided to take a walk along the ocean before it got too crowed. When I got to one of my favorite spots, I could see where the activities from the previous day had taken its toil on the surrounding area. I could see men walking the beach and around the picnic area picking up all the trash left from careless picnickers. I'm sure the wages couldn't have been much for such a job. A few dollars to help the endless task of trying to survive from day to day and a dirty one at that.

Flying all around the trash bins were Sea Gulls trying to rush to get the last morsel of food the humans had left before the garbage trucks took the smorgasbord away. The site of garbage sadden me as I shook my head with discuss of how anyone could do this to such a beautiful place.

As I looked past all the garbage and the reminder of how destructive we humans can be, I could see and hear the sound of the ocean. I could see the beauty that brought the humans to such a place to begin with. The white caps on the waves crashing to the shore; The smell of the salt air; The sand pipers flying in formation playing with the tide; At times it looked as if the ocean had swallowed them up. Seeing all this took my breath away and I soon forgot the first ugly sights of the day.

As I walked the beach I could see other signs of yesterday. The remainder of a sandcastle that was washed out with the tide, a large hole where I'm sure the children had buried their daddy. As I continued my walk farther down the beach, I could see writings in the sand where someone had written a love note. The name had been washed out with the sea but the words "I love you" was still deeply written in the sand. As I continued my walk I came upon a lot of broken sea shells lying all over the beach. My guess, the sea gulls had used their sharp bills to break the shells open to get to the tender flesh inside.

Being lost in my thoughts and enjoying the smell of the salt air and the sound of the ocean I didn't realize just how far I had walked. Not liking the thought, I knew it was time to head back. As I got closer to my car, it looked as if the men had done their job in getting rid of the garbage just to be replaced by the next group that found their way here. Even though the garbage had been removed and hauled away, you could still see traces of destruction of yesterdays past that would always remain.

As I sat down to empty the sand from my shoes, the sadness of the first sites of this morning came back. I closed my eyes and prayed... Lord, where are You in all of this garbage and destruction. It wasn’t long until the Lord spoke to my spirit, “Listen and see that I am that I am in all things that surround you,” I was looking through Gods eyes now and He showed me how He can look past all our garbage and see just how beautiful we are to Him. And just like the love note that was written in the sand, God has written to us the same words deeply within our hearts. "I love you", but the only difference is our name has not been washed out to sea, but washed by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

All the broken sea shells was a reminder that there are lots of people out there that don't have a clue the enemy is wanting to rip open their shells and rip out the tender flesh and devour them. We will always have traces of our yesterdays to remind us what God has brought us out of. I realized that I was not walking alone on the beach that day. With a tear in my eyes, I quietly said, Thank you Lord.
“Lord, I thank you for looking past the garbage in my life and seeing the beauty in me. Thank You for loving me. I pray I can tell others just how special you are to me by my witness for you. Thank you for walking with me today on the beach.” Amen
by Grannybee 2001